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Another prisoner driven to death

Massachusetts Prison Voice | November-December 2006

My words here may not be 100% accurate, but I assure whoever reads my words will not forget this tragic matter all too soon. Here is 95% of my own personal knowledge of watching, listening to and baring my own soul as a man was completely broken down by a corruptional officer of the Mass State Prison called OCCC in Bridgewater, Ma.

Inmate Steven Koumaris entered the HSU hospital unit on his own on October 5th or 6th, 2006 for injuries to his leg and possible other injuries sustained from 2 separate inmates of the MPU unit. The first issue was a good 3 1/3 weeks ago and the second one, Iím not sure but close to his entering the HSU. On October 5, 2006, Steven was placed on the HSU ward with 4 other prisoners. This is an open ward with 8-10 beds.

Steven ended up being sexually assaulted by 2 of these prisoners, one of which was placed inside the HSU because of a fight. He is now in isolation for one of the two incidents or perhaps both. Steven had banged on the door as Lt. Steven Bisailion walked by and told him through the door, according to another prisoner in the ward, that he had been raped by the two men. The Lt. left him there to go get Sgt. Joe Almeida, the worst of the worst of corruptional officers. Sgt. Almeida arrives and now bangs on the door for Steven with ďWhatís your problem?Ē The door opens and closes. Steven tells the Sgt., not 10 feet from my cell, how the 2 men had just raped him and he needed to be seen by a doctor or the Captain and that he was not going back in there with these men.

The Sgt. now cuts him off and tells him that he doesnít have time to be making out any fucking faggot reports, for Steven to either go back in there and be the bitch, suck a dick or fight... Steven refused to enter and the Sgt. opens the door and Steven asks again for a doctor or the Captain. He is told no. Request for doctor or Captain is denied. Steven requests to go to mental health. A call is placed to mental health and Steven is cuffed only to be walked to his cell #5, 25 feet away. Mental health came and he explained what had happened to them. The results: the Sgt. and crew took all of Stevenís clothes and he was left on a suicide watch, to be checked every 15 minutes by a c/o and logged in the chart. Steven, I knew, was not at all strong enough to last on any 15 minute suicide watch with nothing but 3 meals a day and whatever for medications. The guards here donít even give you toilet paper while on watch. One could eat a roll and perhaps choke. Steven made no loud noises at all. He knocked yet he was not heard as far as the ward. When I would knock, bang or yell, itís heard over in the next unit. Point, Steven was not at all strong; no voice, no strength, not a loud person at all. Stevenís attempts with every c/o passing, every round by c/o or Sgt., he would ask to see the doctor or a Captain. When denied, heíd ask ďWhy not?Ē

On or about October 8th, Steven flooded his toilet by either keeping his foot inside the bowl or maybe a plastic cop saved. He thought this would get a Captain down here to the HSU, but none ever came. Steven was taken out and water cleaned, 2 or 3 times this went on.

Sgt. Joseph Almeida would parade Steven all the way down to the insulin cage of the HSU. where several medical staff and prisoners coming and going were visible. Sgt. Joe Almeida had done it to me on Sept 29th, 2006. I was using the bathroom and Sgt. J A Hole Almeida would stand at the door making endless immature comments. I would put strips of toilet paper on the window and this got the LT. and crew to escort me nude and handcuffed to the insulin cage.

Sgt. J A Hole Almeida tore into Steven and threatened him with every verbal humiliating comment possible. The verbal abuse is as bad as the physical and donít think itís not.

Sgt. J A Hole Almeida tore into Steven and threatened him with insane jokes and taunts, daring him to kill himself. This animal in a Mass. DOC uniform making anywhere from $30.00 - $35.00 an hour, offered this human being, totally lost with no help, a sheet to hang himself with. Unbelievable nature for any human being to even attempt to exploit oneís vulnerabilities such as Stevenís conditions.

This Sgt. would be held responsible if Steven ever hanged himself, because there are no sheets allowed to anyone on mental health watches unless mental health allows a smock or mental health security blanket.

Steven was pulled out and paraded nude. I would look into his eyes and nod with a ďJust hang in thereĒ look.

Tuesday, Oct. 10th, a cell was needed ASAP and the isolation unit was full. I was eligible to go back to isolation #2, #4 was eligible and #3 was eyeballed 24-7 for 17 days. #5 was Steven, also on suicide watch and not at all stable. What does this fine Dept. of Corruption do? They take the weakest person in this asylum called a prison and they clothe him and send him out to his MPU in population and tell him heís gonna be kept locked up on AA status. 5:30 AM Ė 6:00 AM, Oct. 12th,  Stevenís body was found in a pool of blood in his cell. He had cut his femoral artery twice and his throat once with a razor.

By 8:50 AM Ė 9:00 AM, a nurse from the third shift, who had to respond to the code 99 MPU and pronounce Steven dead, was walking by my cell a bit stunned. She told me that Steven had taken his life early that morning and how she had to stay half the day to answer questions from different prison investigators. The next c/o to go by my cell was asked about Steven and I was told, as though I had asked about the weather, he cut his inner thigh and throat and heís all wrapped up. Like he didnít have to finish his sentence.

Steven had over 30 years inside these prison walls and heíd been through a lot. How is it that when a man asks for help with medical problems, not remotely close to fatal, he ends up dead???

Letís try to help our source out with getting her some needed reports and please, if youíre inside or outside, letís not forget about Stevenís death or any other prisoners' death before Stevenís!

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